February 26 - February 28 SAS Radisson Falkoner Allé 9 , Copenhagen Denmark

Invading the Copenhagen Art Fair with their first collaborative project, Brooklyn NY based artists Alex White Mazzarella and Joao Henrique Brandao, present their most recent body of work at the Radisson’s Falconer Center from the 26 to 28 of February.

“Translations of New York City” are artworks that explore the structure within chaos. These works build upon the chaotic but harmonic rhythms of today’s life making reference to interwoven systems like a milky galaxy, rush hour in Manhattan. They are inspired largely by spontaneous creation: the rust and torn paper that give life to the urban walls of the city, scattered life marked by the human debris that litter the streets of Brooklyn, or a moment of light that unifies the city as an agglomeration of color and sensation. Brandao’s translations include a swirling tornado quality that communicates the frenetic energies of New York City. Mazzarella transports found objects from the streets of Brooklyn into a metaphysical cosmos of color and infinite depth.