FIND - NYU Abu Dhabi, Reversible: Narrating Identity from the Inside Out and Outside In Conference, Abu Dhabi, 2014
Museo Arte Contemporaneo Oaxaca (MACO), La Practica Sociocultural como Emancipador Comunitario y Democratica, Oaxaca Mexico, 2014
Sideshow Gallery, “Ecological Culture”, panelist alongside Ruth Hardinger and Josh Kogan, Brooklyn New York City, 2013
Queens Museum of Art - Arte Util Conversations, “Gurgaon Reportback”, speaker, Queens New York City, 2013
Architecture Boston X, “Design. Action. Social Innovation” panelist & speaker, Boston, 2012
Kohima Baptist College,”Global Village 2012” presenter, Nagaland, India, 2012
India Design Forum, “Urban Responses” panelist & speaker, New Delhi, India, 2012
Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, “Artefacting Mumbai” speaker & presenter, Cambridge, 2012
Queens Museum of Art, “Artefacting Mumbai” exhibition presenter & speaker, New York City, 2011
Queens Museum of Art, “Detroit Reportback” speaker, New York City USA, 2011
Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies “Artefacting Mumbai” speaker & presenter, Mumbai, India, 2011
Clark University, “Urban Development & Social Change” guest lecturer, Worcester, MA, USA, 2010