ARTEFACTING is a non-profit initiative founded by Alex White Mazzarella that is geared towards stimulating community cohesion, human dialogue and social justice.

Designed “Artefacting” to produce creative based solutions to social challenges and as a platform to advocate for marginalized at-risk populations through multi-media artistic expression and storytelling. Developed and led all aspects of project envisioning and facilitation from the building of local partnerships, funding, resources, and collaborative teams, to the production of creative workshops and public events.

In each immersive project participants and collaborators are brought together through a process of discourse, creativity and cultural production that facilitates the social cohesion and capital necessary to advance towards long-term goals. Out of this process come “Artefacts” (i.e. art, performances, photographs, film, exhibitions) that materialize positive collective energy and serve to voice the stories, issues and autonomous cultures of a people and place. For project information visit