CAT Cologne, 2015
Achalam Gallery, Chenai India, 2015
Biennial: 1814 Revisited, Kunstsenter, Oslo Norway, 2014
For Marian, 5 Myles Gallery, Brooklyn NY, 2014
Queens International Biennial 2013, Queens Museum, NY
WASTED, Resobox Gallery, Queens NY 2013
Sideshow Nation, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn NY 2013
No Longer Empty, “how Much Do I Owe You”, Queens NY, 2012
IMMERSION: Into Dharavi, the Engine that Runs Mumbai, Cambridge MA, 2012
MIC Check, Sideshow Gallery, 2011
Artefacting Detroit, Local Project, Queens NY 2011
IMMERSION: Into Dharavi, the Engine that Runs Mumbai, Queens Museum, 2011
IMMERSION: Into Dharavi, the Engine that Runs Mumbai, Mercy Corp’s Action Center, Portland OR, 2011
Fragmented, Clark University 2010
Society Under Fire, Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn NY 2010
Copenhagen Art Fair, 2010
Beyond the Line, Chashama Gallery, Manhattan, NY 2010
Wonderful Tenth, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn NY 2010
Oslo Art Fair, 2009
Gallery 128, Manhattan NY 2009


Water Conservation & Agriculture for a Resilient Borderlands, with Berta Vasquez, Agave Heritage Festival, Tucson AZ, 2024
Agave Renaissance, Agave is the Future, A Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill series, Tucson AZ, 2022
Temporada de Lluvias & Miradas Hacia Temoporadas de Lluvia, film presentation, USA tour, 2022
Tiempo en las Raices, book launch/presentation, IAGO, Oaxaca 2018
X Encuentro Internacional, Artefacting presentation, Gran Canaria, 2017
Southern Connecticut State University, visiting lecturer, Utilizing Public Art for Community Building, 2016
IAGO Instituto de Artes Graficos de Oaxaca, Zameendari Zimindari book release, Oaxaca Mexico 2015
Khoj International Artists Association, Zameendari Zimindari book release, Delhi 2015
CAT Cologne - Artefacting in Residency, a series of presentations & discussions covering seven initiatives, Cologne Germany, 2015
FIND - NYU Abu Dhabi, Reversible: Narrating Identity from the Inside Out and Outside In Conference, Abu Dhabi, 2014
Museo Arte Contemporaneo Oaxaca (MACO), La Practica Sociocultural como Emancipador Comunitario y Democratica, Oaxaca Mexico, 2014
Sideshow Gallery, “Ecological Culture”, panelist alongside Ruth Hardinger and Josh Kogan, Brooklyn New York City, 2013
Queens Museum of Art - Arte Util Conversations, “Gurgaon Reportback”, speaker, Queens New York City, 2013
Architecture Boston X, “Design. Action. Social Innovation” panelist & speaker, Boston, 2012
Kohima Baptist College,”Global Village 2012” presenter, Nagaland, India, 2012
India Design Forum, “Urban Responses” panelist & speaker, New Delhi, India, 2012
Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, “Artefacting Mumbai” speaker & presenter, Cambridge, 2012
Queens Museum of Art, “Artefacting Mumbai” exhibition presenter & speaker, New York City, 2011
Queens Museum of Art, “Detroit Reportback” speaker, New York City USA, 2011
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Clark University, “Urban Development & Social Change” guest lecturer, Worcester, MA, USA, 2010


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